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100/40 Gigabit Ethernet PCS
 Main Features
- 40GBase-R or 100GBase-R PCS solution compliant with    IEEE802.3ba Specification
- Multi-Lane Distribution (MLD) across 4 or 20 Virtual Lanes for   40 Gigabit or 100 Gigabit, respectively
- Periodic Alignment Marker insertion / striping - Flexible Serdes   Interfaces supporting 16/20/32/40 bit

Interface Options:

- 100G: CGMII (192bit for ASIC, 384bit for FPGA)
- 40G: XLGMII (192bit)
- CAUI (16..40bit Serdes)

Target Technologies:
- Altera Stratix IV

- FPGA: Altera Stratix IV
- ASIC: 0.09um and below standard cell ASIC