More than IP

2.5 gigabit Ethnernet
  2.5 Gigabit Ethernet  

  Any Speed MAC  
  2500 Base-X PCS (8b/10b)  






  Member of  
 2500 Base-X PCS (8b/10B)
 Main Features
- Compliant to IEEE802.3 Clause 36 Standard
- Support 1G, 2.5G Speeds

Interface Options:

- GMII (8/16)
- TBI (10/20)

Target Technologies:
Altera Cyclone III
Altera Stratix II GX
Altera Stratix II
Xilinx Virtex-5LXT

0.18um and Below Standard Cell ASIC
Faraday NC Express Structured ASIC
Product Brief – Altera FPGAs
Product Brief – Xilinx FPGAs
Product Brief – Standard Cell ASIC
Product Brief – Faraday NC Express Structured ASIC