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The MorethanIP FlexE Mux / Demux Core connects to multiple FlexE PHYs instances to combine them as a group. The Core implements the FlexE block Mux/Demux functions with runtime configurable bandwidth allocation for the clients. It implements the control and synchronization (deskew) functions for the per-PHY overhead and delivers the per-PHY FlexE specific management channels transparently to the application/system. The Core is scalable and any number of PHYs can be supported.

To implement the FlexE PHYs, MorethanIP has developed a modified 100GBase-SR4/KR4 PCS. The PHY connects groups of 4 Serdes interfaces with the mode specific application interfaces and the FlexE-PHY overhead insertion/extraction function.

As illustrated below, to complete the design of a FlexE interface an application specific Client Adapter needs to be designed. The Client Adapter implements the MAC interfaces (Clients) and the FlexE Calendar.

For Transport applications, MLG 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 Cores are also available from MorethanIP.

Datasheets, complexity and other technical information is available only under NDA, contact MorethanIP ( for details

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