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To complement MorethanIP proven and widely used 25Geth Core, MorethanIP releases a single Lane 50Geth PCS Core and a 2-Lane 100Geth PCS Core. The Cores can be used with embedded 50Gbps Serdes to increase chip port densities and throughput.

Both the 50Geth and 100Geth PCS Cores, to support NRZ and PAM4 modulation with 25Gbps and 50Gbps Serdes, implement a programmable Reed-Solomon FEC (RS-FEC) supporting both RS(528, 514) and RS(544, 514) compliant with the IEEE 802.3bj Clause 91 specification.

The Core also provide backward compatibility with existing standard 10Geth, 25Geth and 100Geth interfaces.

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