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Overview open

SPI4.2 has been used as one of main chip-to-chip interfaces, for example, to connect Network Processor Units (NPUs) to Ethernet Switch or Ethernet PHY devices.

While the SPI4.2 implements an efficient protocol for channelized traffic with efficient per-channel flow-control, the width of the physical interface and the source synchronous nature of the interface limits the SPI4.2 bandwidth capabilities and its effective reach. The Protocol is also not scalable which makes it unsuitable for applications above OC-192 or 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
Interlaken defines a chip-to-chip narrow interface that preserves and extends the SPI4.2 capability with the possibility to scale the interface to support different bandwidth requirements.

As the Interlaken physical interface is implemented with Serdes with clock and data recovery, Interlaken can be used for chip-to-chip communication with PCB, backplane or cables

MorethanIP has developed two Interlaken Cores with two different datapath widths to meet speed vs Core frequency tradeoffs for FPGA and ASIC designs:

  • 256-Bit Data Path:

70Gbps FPGA applications with multiple 10Geth Channels or a single 40Geth Channel

150Gbps ASIC applications with multiple 10Geth Channel, multiple 40Geth Channels or a single 100Geth Channel

  • 512-Bit Data Path:

150Gbps ASIC applications with multiple 10Geth Channel, multiple 40Geth Channels or a single 100Geth Channel

400Gbps ASIC applications with Multiple 10Geth Channel, multiple 40Geth Channels or a multiple 100Geth Channels

Both Cores are compliant with the Interlaken speciation document version 1.1 and implement a programmable number, 2 to 24, of 6.25Gbps, 6.75Gbps, 10.25Gbps Serdes Lanes that make the Cores suitable for a large number of applications.

Single Vendor Benefit open

Interlaken Cores are available from different vendors but no IP vendor can provide both Ethernet and Interlaken Cores.

When designing Interlaken bridging solutions, engineers have to combine Cores from different companies and develop the glue logic which adds risks and development times.

Also, both the Interlaken and the Ethernet Cores typically implements FIFOs. The FIFOs make Third Party Cores integration easier but adds large delays and complexity with, a priori, unnecessary memory arrays.

Figure 1: Third Party Cores Integration

As MorethanIP designs both the Ethernet and the Interlaken Cores, MorethanIP has been able to develop a low latency Interlaken Core, with no FIFO, that can still be connected to MorethanIP 10Geth, 40Geth and 100Geth Cores without glue logic.

This reduces the risks, development time and complexity and improves the system performances with a significantly reduced latency.

Figure 2: MorethanIP Cores Integration


Increased Performances open

The MorethanIP 10Geth, 40Geth and 100Geth MAC Cores have been enhanced with an Interlaken Mode of operation on the Client interface.

When operating in Interlaken mode, the Ethernet Core Client interface segments the received Frames in MaxBurst sections and implements the Interlaken optional scheduler to efficiently use the available Interlaken interface bandwidth.


Interlaken Bridge open

MorethanIP offers the Interlaken Cores as standalone solution and combined as a complete Interlaken / Ethernet Bridge.

The Bridge implements the MorethanIP Quad 10/40G Hydra Core and is programmable with registers for different operational modes:

  • One 40Geth XLAUI Port
  • One 40Geth 40GBase-KR4 Port
  • Four independent Ports allowing per Port individual speeds of:
    - 10Geth 10GBase-R / XFI
    - 10/100/1000 Mbps using SGMII

The Bridge also implements advanced system level features such as support for IEEE1588 applications, IEEE802.3az (Energy Efficient Ethernet) or FEC (Forward Error Correction).

With a PCI Express management interface the Bridge can be connected to large variety or processors and can be integrated in common systems.

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