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 January 15, 2008

MorethanIP and SOFTING AG announce cooperation for low cost complete system level solution for Industrial Ethernet with integrated switch.

Softing AG and MorethanIP announce the integration of an 1588 Ethernet switch design from MorethanIP switch together with the Softing's realtime ethernet implementation utilizing low cost Altera FPGA’s.
The softing's realtime ethernet device stack for Profinet IO, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP are implemented on the Altera cyclone II and III. The compact stack and the very efficient operating system embOS ensure an excellent performance on the softcore processor Nios II. The modification of the switch IP-Core from MoretanIP, which is composed of a 3-Port switch and 2 MAC interfaces with IEEE 1588 support, allow its future application in industrial ethernet networks requiring synchronized communication.
Mr. Hans-Werner Auberg, responsible for strategic marketing in Softing, sees important customer advantages: " The performance of the MorethanIP's switch in combination with the Softing stack offers customers complete solution today and it can be upgraded for future capability via firmware upgrades. The FPGA can easily integrate customer application logic in addition the 1588 switch providing cutomers a low cost fully integrated single chip solution"
Mr. Daniel Koehler, CTO of MorethanIP said: " Softing's proven experience in the development of realtime based field bus solutions is key for enabling this integration of the applications and the switch with synchronized communication for industrial networks. Since the stack is commercialized exclusively through Softing, customers can leverage their existing support infrastructure."

About Softing:
Softing is a successful, independent and worldwide operating provider of hardware and software for industrial automation and automotive electronics.  With about 200 employees, Softing achieves an annual turnover of more than 24 Mio. Euros. The developments that Softing achieved since its foundation in the year 1979 are nowadays worldwide valid standards.

About MorethanIP:
MorethanIP was founded in the year 2000 through 3 experienced developers in the telecommunication field. It is today a very successful design and IP (Intellectual Property) company. Due to the concentration on high-speed communication solutions in the field of ethernet and the related fast implementation, MorethanIP provides clear advantages in costs and time-to-market.

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