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MorethanIP was founded in 2000 as a GmbH (ltd.) in Munich Germany by three senior Telecommunication Engineers. MorethanIP is a privately owned and profitable design and IP (Intellectual Property) house concentrating on high-speed communications, serial backplane and embedded system technologies. This includes design, specification and implementation of standard products, system architectures and customer-specific solutions. Combining its methodology with proven technical expertise from more than ten years of industry experience in Hardware and Software design, MorethanIP generates rapid design cycles to meet time-to-market, functional and budgetary objectives.


MorethanIP staff expertise covers System, Hardware and Software development for Telecom applications. MorethanIP's engineers all have strong expertise in ASIC and Programmable devices development with high level description languages and synthesis tools. Software expertise includes but is not limited to device drivers for Linux and Windows operating systems (C/C++) and platform independent (Java) IP configuration / delivery tools and applications. With a strong Telecom System expertise, MorethanIP is able to specify and create complex systems combining IP blocks, custom design and standard Telecom devices.

Design Methodology

All MorethanIP IP Cores are developed in technology independent HDL (Hardware Description Language) using a strict and robust top down design methodology. All MorethanIP Cores are simulated at behavioral and gate levels and are provided with methodology scripts, exhaustive standard compliance verification suites and complete documentation. MorethanIP methodology also includes, for complex communication controllers, hardware verification with application and development boards. In addition, MorethanIP Cores are specifically designed to achieve a high level of re-usability to dramatically reduce the development time of complex Telecom applications.


MorethanIP has developed a unique range of IP Core for Multi Gigabit Telecom applications. MorethanIP's IP portfolio includes, but is not limited to, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet MACs (Medium Access Controllers), high speed system interfaces (e.g. POS-PHY L3 / L4, Utopia L1 / L2 / L3) and a wide range of support cores such as high speed memory controllers and interfaces for industry standard processors. Application boards and reference designs are also available to help designers using MorethanIP products. All products are available for both ASIC or Programmable Logic providing platform choice flexibility for customers to meet their time-to-market / cost trade-offs.

Customer Support

Because MorethanIP provides leading edge Telecom solutions (e.g. 10 Gigabit Ethernet MAC), expert technical support is available by Email, Hotline or Fax. To provide closer local support to MorethanIP customers, sales and application support channels have been implemented in several countries worldwide.


MorethanIP has developed technical and marketing partnership with Industry leaders, which have recognized MorethanIP's expertise in the field of high speed Telecom designs.
The addition of MorethanIP as member to the Altera Megafunction Partner Program, provides leading edge high speed telecom solutions enhancing Altera programmable logic devices

MorethanIP Advantage

The MorethanIP engineering Team is able to assist designers from project definition to device implementation and system bring up, by combining different skills. MorethanIP has been able to solve the problems of high speed Telecom designs using innovative and efficient delivery of high quality solutions at competitive prices to the market.